A Complete Aadhaar Card Benefits

Aadhar Update & Correction

www.uidai.gov.in Indian Government did introduce a new identification system called Aadhar Card or UIDAI (Unique Identification Number).

Aadhar Card filled all the requirements of the Indian People. This kind of identification system is popular in many nations.Because it helps the Government to launch various type of facility and also helps in the safety and security of the country.

The Government of India established the agency (Aadhaar Card Center) in January 2009 and it works under the central government of India in each and every state of India.

The Unique Identification Authority of India – UIDAI has placed their main Datacenter in Manesar (Haryana). To assign the UIDAI Aadhaar Card or UIDAI Adhar Card or UIDAI Aadhaar Card.

UIDAI issue a twelve (12) digit Unique Identity Number on the UID card (Aadhaar Card) to the Indian resident.

Benefits of Aadhar Card

Having Aadhar Card Number? There are many benefits that can be enjoyed by the Citizen of India. As we have already told you that the Aadhaar Card Enrolment is not compulsory for the Indian Citizen.

However, The Aadhar number is very necessary for availing various types of facilities. Therefore, the people need to apply for Adhar Card as they know the importance of it.Each and Every Banking Schemes and Income Tax related forms need the Adhar Card Number details to be filled.

As it is mandatory in the form without providing the Aadhar Number. You cannot avail the banking services, saving schemes and income tax filing.

Type of Aadhar Card Benefits

  1. Identity Card: Adhar Card is India’s most advanced Identity Document. Therefore, it becomes one of the most reliable and trusted Identity Document (Identity Card).
  2. Residential Proof: Aadhar Card Contain Permanent Residential Address of the Card Holder. So, it can be used as a Residential Proof in India. All the Government Department and Offices accept Aadhar Card as a Residential Proof.
  3. Government Subsidy: Government of India has made this compulsory to link the Adhar Card to the Bank Account to avail the various types of subsidy facilities and scheme.
  4. Bank Account Opening: In order to Open a Bank Account in any Bank in the Country. Then, The Aadhar Card is the Primary Required Document to open the account in the Bank.
  5. Income Tax: This is also mandatory to link Adhar Card with PAN Card as per the Income Tax Department for all the Tax Payer.
  6. Phone Connection: All the Telecom Companies are providing the Mobile SIM or Phone Connection after accepting an Aadhaar Card as a Proof of Identity and Residential Proof. Moreover, you have already the Telecom Connection. And have not link mobile number with Aadhaar Card. They also need to provide the Adhar Card details to the Telecom Company to avail the facility further.
  7. Gas Connection Subsidy: If you want to get Government Subsidy on your LPG Gas Connection. Then, you need to provide the Aadhar Card to the respective Gas Agency. You also need to fill the KYC form and link your Aadhaar Card with Bank Account in order to get the subsidy on Gas Connection.
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