Aadhar Card Correction : Change Name, DOB, Mobile Number And Address

UPDATE AADHAR CARD & Correction :  Due to many reasons like high volume of Aadhar Card applications there are enough chances of wrong information/Mis-Print on Aadhar Card. To rectify these corrections and get Aadhar Card with our correct information, we need to Update Aadhar Card. And this is called Aadhar Card Correction Process or Aadhar Card Update Process.

In Aadhar Card Correction Process you can change the following Six Details in your Aadhar Card:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile Number
  • Gender
  • Email Address

Aadhar Card Correction – Name, DOB, Address at UIDAI Gov In

You can Update your Aadhar Card via tow methods one is ONLINE Method via SSUP Correction Portal  and second is OFFLINE method. Now I am going to explain you both Aadhar Card Correction methods (SSUP & Offline) in following Simple steps.

1. Online or Aadhar Card SSUP Correction

  • Just Open UIDAI’s Aadhar Self Service Update Portal  by clicking on Link. This portal is also Called as SSUP.
  • In the First Step you need to Login With your Aadhar Number at SSUP Correction Portal.
  • Now you will see a Data Request Page, where in Data Update Request select desired Detail which you want to Update (i.e. Name, Address, Mobile Number, Gender Address and Date of Birth)
  • After this step that, You need to Fill up the form with Correct details on Data Update Request Page.
  • After Filling all correct details, you need to upload your Document like PAN Card, Driving Licence, Passport or Election card for Verification Purpose and then Submit the Document.
  • Now Select your nearest BPO Service Provider to collect Your Aadhar card after the whole Process.

By following above mentioned process, You can Update your Aadhar Details Online at SSUP Correction Portal.

Note : After Updating Aadhar Card details keep checking your Aadhar Update Status to download eAadhar. Because Physical Aadhar Card may take 4-6 weeks to deliver at your postal address.

2. Offline Aadhar Correction

  • Download the Aadhar Correction Form Online from official UIDAI GOV IN portal.
  • Fill the application form correctly.
  • On top of the form, mention what corrections you want to make? For example – if you want to change your Date of Birth mention BOD Correction.
  • After filling the form correctly as described above attach all required documents.
  • Put this Aadhar Correction Form in an envelop and write “Aadhar Card Correction” on the top of the envelop and send this envelop to Aadhar Card Headquarter Delhi (UIDAI Headquarter).

I hope you understood the procedure for Aadhar Card Correction. If you have any problem in Aadhar Update Process than let me know in comment section.

Thank You

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